Lucinda Neave

Lucinda Neave is completing her diploma in Child Care and early education. Being a keen drama student and pianist since she was 5 years old, she is a much experienced and valued member of The Authentic Child team. Lucinda is a drama tutor with The Authentic Child (mental health workshops for preschool/primary aged children) and regularly volunteered her time with children at risk through the “teaching in primary schools” with SFX senior college. Lucinda plans to travel once her studies are completed and au pare in Europe.

Lucinda is running the SUPER HEROES workshop Saturday morning kids program (9.30am – 10.30am).

We all know that super heroes have super powers, right? Did you know that you have super powers too? Sometimes our human super powers are overlooked or not seen as exciting and as important as our regular superheroes powers.
Being kind, generous, loving, patient, caring, insightful, being a quick thinker, a leader, a poet, being empathetic, determined, strong willed, a good sibling/friend/child (the list goes on) are your HUMAN super powers and need to be celebrated!

This workshop will teach that we all have our own authentic strengths that nature has equipped us with and we need to utilise these to our best advantage.The children get to dress up in super hero costumes and have a chance to tell us just what their individual super powers are! This is aimed to give children strength of knowledge that everyone has something special about them that they can fall back on when life gets tough.