Berias Masseque and the Afro Fusion Band

Born in a spirit of collaboration, Berias Masseque and the Afro Fusion Band are artists from two continents united in the belief that home is where the music is.

With deep foundations in the fertile soil of Berias’s Mozambican heritage, the Newcastle-based group blend African, Latin, jazz, contemporary and reggae influences into a musical language that is all their own.

Berias’s lyrics—English, Portuguese, Tsonga and more—speak of the beauty of love and the wonder of life. And it’s easy to appreciate beauty and wonder when they’re presented in such a spirited, harmonious way.

While they’ve travelled a long way in their musical adventures, Berias Masseque and his crew are never more at home than when they’re playing for you live. They will move you to dance and sing in joy and the exhilaration of knowing that wherever you live, whatever language you speak, there’s a place for you. Welcome home.

Berias Masseque and the Afro Fusion Band will perform at Expresso on Saturday night.

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